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Gifted Teaching for Students of All Ages

Children have an amazing gift - a huge capacity to learn. Learning piano, reading and writing music, just like language, is easy and natural with a great teacher. Usually, age four or five is a good age to begin. However, a child starting lessons later will do very well, too. Children quickly delight in the magic of being able to create and perform music. The best gift parents can give to their children is musical talent -- it lets the spirit soar!

Piano studies develop in children the traits of focus, mental and spatial coordination, and self-discipline that will help them be successful in all endeavors in life. Music builds character and leaders. It's fun to know you are developing a lifelong talent. Will someone ever care ten years from now what score you got on a computer game? Build yourself strong, smart. Piano talent is a distinction you will enjoy with pride your entire life.


The sooner you begin, the sooner you'll wonder why you hadn't started earlier. Many adults have had that experience. Learning music and the piano is fascinating and stimulates the whole mind like nothing else. Adults often take up piano to keep their minds sharp and strong or to fulfill a postponed childhood dream. Playing piano is a lifetime talent that will enrich your life and feed your soul. It is always an asset and can open doors to cultured society.

Being musically talented is a mark of distinction and accomplishment. If you had lessons as a child but the magic didn't catch on then, it is not too late to make your dreams come true. Beginning adult students do very well. It takes a highly experienced teacher and a commitment to daily practice. Put those elements together and - at any age - you can learn beyond your expectations!

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