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Piano4Life Lifetime talent starts today!

Discover Your Talent

At Piano4Life, we believe that all children deserve the opportunity to live and flourish and that music can and should be an important part of everyone's journey. The piano enriches the soul, strengthens the mind, develops character and opens a new world to students. If you've tried other lessons, don't give up! Learning correctly is the key to developing lifetime musical talent. Successful learning makes playing fun and builds confidence. Age four is a good age to begin; later is perfectly fine, too. It's never too late. Piano4Life students advance towards the golden point for a musician - to be able to teach yourself any song; then the music is yours for life.

Private Lessons

At Piano4Life, each student has a customized curriculum, playing on a grand piano, with written homework. Students gain confidence and learn to READ, WRITE and PLAY music. Each student is unique - it takes a gifted teacher. Learning music is a natural talent. It's normal for students to be reading music, playing with both hands after just a few weeks of lessons without prior music training. We don't use 'cookie-cutter' systems. If you are motivated to learn, you'll be amazed at your progress. Great teaching gives great results!

Choosing a Teacher

Your choice of a piano teacher will make the difference between years of fruitless lessons or learning a true lifetime talent. Piano lessons from an unskilled teacher might seem like a bargain, but after a year of lessons the student is still a beginner and is bored - no return on investment. At Piano4Life we learn real music by the great composers. Whether you are aspiring to become a professional pianist, or seek to enjoy and teach yourself music all your life, start now and let your talent grow!

Dream Big!

"... Please know that this future for Sam would not have been possible without your excellent instruction. You allowed him to dream big! You
  have the most amazing talent as a pianist, but even more so as a teacher and a supportive role model for our son. We are forever grateful!!

  Thank you, Teacher Natallia, for everything!

  Most sincerely, Jamey"

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